How to use JustSwap to get $SUN

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Hi Black Cows,

The Genesis Mining of $SUN, $TRX's Defi token, is finished.

Now we can mine $SUN not only staking $TRX but also providing liquidity to the Pools listed on the homepage of $SUN.

Step-by-Step Guide to Stake LP Token for $SUN mining!

You need $SUN to stake liquidity token to the LP pool and mine $SUN more.
You can buy it from a centralized exchange or you can use JustSwap which you can instantly swap your Tron tokens to other Tron tokens.

Here's simple guide to use JustSwap to get $SUN.

Please prepare Tronlink wallet and $TRX in it.

How to register Tronlink wallet

[Step-by-Step Guide to use Justwap]

Click 'Get LP Token' on the $SUN homepage(

You can directly go to the JustSwap homepage(

Then, connect your Tronlink wallet.

How to connect Tronlink Wallet

TRX SUN Justin Yield Farming Defi Token Mining

Input the quantity of one of the coins.
The other quantity will be calculated automatically.


TRX SUN Justin Yield Farming Defi Token Mining
If you directly went to the JustSwap homepage, you need to select $SUN by clicking the area of the mid-right side.

Then click 'Swap'.


TRX SUN Justin Yield Farming Defi Token Mining
Click 'Confirm Swap' on the next pop-up.


On the new pop-up from Tronlink chrome extension, click' Accept'.

It's done!


After a few seconds, you can find the swapped coin quantity on your wallet.

Sometimes, it's failed due to network congestion.
Please try again.

For the transaction fee, leave a few $TRX.
I recommende 1~200 $TRX (about $3~6).

Be rich!

Major Exchange Register Link

① Binance Register Link:
(Fee 20% Payback)
② Huobi Register Link:
③ MXC Register Link:

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