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RE: 75 messages with Uber's outrageously obstructive customer service

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Seriously?! This just happened? In the 21st century? Wow. I don´t use Uber so I am not familiar with how it works but I know this service is increasingly popular all over the world (even here in Central America, for example) and I am shocked by how horrible their customer service is. This is incredible.


Yes, I am certainly using Uber less due to this experience. I'd rather walk 2 miles than support this rotten company. It's a shame, because the concept is good in theory, but the implementation is getting sloppy. Apparently, it's no better for drivers (compared to riders) according to this Redditor:

Imagine having to go through this to be paid correctly and that's pretty much what it's like to be an Uber driver. It's dystopian.

Wow. This company seems to be rotten all trough. In my homeland (Czech Republic), Uber is - among other things - famous for their neverending fights with taxi drivers. But I literally mean fights - there have been a lot of cases already where Uber drivers and taxi drivers physically attacked each other, especially in Prague.

I rarely use either of them though. I am a walker and I don´t mind walking around for long miles. I really hope you will win your case Daniel. The Uber behavior is absurd.

Yes, as the technology required to hail a ride continuous to increase, I find myself walking more and more! Ha. There are important environmental reasons as well to eschew the motor transport.

Exactly. Walking is awesome and it has so many advantages over any motor transport. I just wish more Americans were like you. I don´t know how much the general approach towards walking vs. driving has changed since 2010 when I spent a couple of months in different US states and was thus able to get an idea but it was pretty bad back then. Every time I asked someone for a direction to a place I wanted to see, they told me "take a taxi / bus / train / whatever" - even when the place was literally just around the corner.

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