Stake WING to get more WING! (Ontology's Defi Token)

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Hello Black Cows!

The vote to change WING distribution rate has been finished.

The mining speed became 2x from 10x.

WING distribution rate vote

However, there's something more, but most people don't know about it well since there's no detiail notice.

.1. You can stake WING to mine more WING!

First, you can stake to mine more WING

Guide to stake WING

Mine WING with WING

.2. Schedule and distribution


Normal speed is 0.06WING/sec
So now it's 0.12WING/sec.
However, you should understand
there are different 'Weight' for each coins.

10~19th: ONT weight is 10x
20~24th: ONT, ETH,WBTC, RENBTC 5x weight
25~29th: +USDT, USDC, DAI, PAX, SUSD, NEO 3x weight
After 30th: speed goes back to normal (0.06/sec)

But, for WING
18~25th: 10x weight
25~30th: 5x weight


WING Weight schedule
If you look at the schedule
ONT and WING have same
10x weight until 19th
so mining speed for
both are same.

only WING has 10x weight
during 20~25th
while others has 5x.
Only WING has 5x weight
during 25~29th
while others has 3x.

On 30th,
only WING has 10x weight
while others has 1x!

In a simple calculation,
if 100 ONT and 100 WING are staked,
ONT will get 1/3 of WING distribution
while WING will get 2/3 of distribution
during 20~25th.
(ONT 100 x 5 = 500
WING 100 x 10 = 1000
ONT 500 / WING 1000
among 1500 total)

I staked all WINGs.


Ming WING by staking WING
Be Rich!

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