Excellent to hear this!!
Good to see @happyberrysboy creating another excellent project!🤗

Mike. @silvertop

NFT's on Steem fantastic, thanks to the developers of UPVU I have been a Delegator for a long time ...excellent work!!!

Yeah, they're doing well.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

What is the utility of these NFTs? I don't understand the need to copy a project on the Steem blockchain that has seen success on the Ethereum blockchain. Only if there is some utility to these NFTs, it will have success on Steem Blockchain.

Doing is better than not doing.

I was expecting NFTs on Steemit Blockchain. The Hive has already NFTs on their chain. Good Luck. I am so optimistic for Steemit's future.

that's true

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