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Photography or a image I feel often captures those treasured moments in ones life but I also find that just like the act of writing our collective pictures can also be an art-form. The beauty and meaning of photograph can be expressed and shared in many ways including "by not using any words".

While I do like photography I used to share images when I could that I captured day to day events, the feedback was mostly positive and I continued sharing these "Ulog type" photos.

Almost every picture as a story to tell, or at least that is what I have often been told by some of my regular followers when I first started sharing photos on here.
To those who have often said and expressed that to me I would have to agree with them.

Today 21/5/2022 I share this capture.

Toy Photography, Adult Full Groot, May 24 2017

Toy Photography, Adult Full Groot, May 24 2017.jpg

Images By: @simonjay

It's May and people have been focusing on the Johnny and Heard court case, it's a little strange how this as became so easily accessible to the public while other cases we don't even get a tiny peek. Still what makes it difficult to believe that we are in May already is how the war still continues in Ukraine which makes this a sad time in our history.

The Bittrex wallet for Steem continues to be inactive which I guess means it will never be fixed.

I went to sleep too late last night even with the opportunity to go earlier I instead used that time to clear up a few things which felt like a good choice as it will hopefully make things easier, at least for a while. I guess as expected I got up later than I wanted but this was not much of a problem as I didn't have work.

I woke-up expecting hot weather and while it's not cold we was forecasted to have a really nice day but it's been a little cloudy and don't see it reaching the levels of heat promised.

Which is probably a good thing because I'm seeing friends later and they seem confused on what the plan will be as since the weather was suppose to be good we were going to spent most of the day out but this is also the day a few of them wanted to get their fake tans done.
Guess I would find out later, until then I had the whole morning to get the things I wanted done at home and hoped the weather would improve.

Later I got a message from my friends confirming they had planned to tan another time and so we would be going out. We went out to explore a area I had not been too in a very long time and admit I was curious to see what was there now. Unfortunately mostly more block of flats but we did find some other places where we could try food from.

We found a good spot to try some of the tasty snacks we brought, but unfortunately I believe the moment got spoiled by some thugs wearing balaclavas filming themselves and riding a mopped, we even saw them scream at some woman's face as they zoomed past her, she looked very uncomfortable and I don't blame her.
It was my friends who pointed the incident out I didn't notice it but what I did notice however is how all their moods had dropped, so I tried asking who wanted to try some of the snacks I had but nobody wanted to try them and everyone just stopped eating and talking.
Soon after they suggested we go home because it was getting cold but I feel this was not the real reason, so yea thanks to the idiots on their mopped you ruined the day.

When returning home it was strangely not colder, there was a lot of people out most looked like they were getting drunk for the night, don't think I had seen a Saturday this busy in s while.


Anyway as for the picture today I share one of a pretty big Groot toy which seems to have got very famous after the guardians of the galaxy movie. I know fans would really like such a figure but then again most of the love seems to go towards baby Groot. He was created by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics and first appeared in Tales to Astonish. What exactly is Groot.. apparently a species of plant-like organisms he's a native to the planet X, he's powers are controlling plant life via psychokinesis or absorbing them into his body making him stronger.

Other Captures

Toy Photography, Street Wolf Plush, May 20 2017
Toy Photography, Street Wolf Plush, May 20 2017.jpg

Toy Photography, Mini Spider Man Wall Sucker, April 4 2017
Toy Photography, Mini Spider Man Wall Sucker, April 4 2017.jpg

Toy Photography, Upsidedown Emoji Poo, May 5 2017
Toy Photography, Upsidedown Emoji Poo, May 5 2017.jpg


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