@Swap.app Website Is Online!

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The website for the @swap.app service is now online so we're gonna take a quick look at what it offers :)


Swap Rates

Screenshot_20200715  swap app website.png

Users no longer have to send 0.001 STEEM with memo status to check current swap ratios - all are listed on the website. Choose which currencies you want to swap, enter the amount and you will see the output instantly. Just remember that the actual amount of received coins can slightly vary, as order books on crypto exchanges are constantly changing.


Screenshot_20200715  swap app website1.png

The website also presents quick guide how to perform the actual swap - which means making a transfer to @swap.app and using a memo if needed. The guide changes dynamically depending on selected currencies. Also a screenshot is added to make the whole process easier to understand.

Next Steps

This is the first version of the website - now we will work on adding keychain login so users will be able to send transfers directly from the website. This will also make buying STEEM with BTC possible as users will be able to receive BTC deposit address.

Hope you're gonna find the website useful and see you next time :)



This is an incredibly awesome update. I have used your service several times and it has always worked perfectly for me. The website innovation and update is such an added ingredient that will make it more easier to execute various crypto transactions. Thanks for simplifying the withdraw process of steem to BTC. The incoming BTC to steem innovation and support will as well help steem investors.

This is greatly adding value to the steem Blockchain.

Hola @swap.app, He elegido tu post para mi iniciativa diaria de reesteemear saludos.
Hello @ swap.app, I have chosen your post for my daily initiative of reesteemear greetings.

Yes, I didn't know, and now I have got to know. Yesterday I just tried immediately I was about to use different app which charges higher than what you Guys charges here. I quickly followed up the instructions given and just seconds I had my btc in my account. The only challenge I had was that my btc coins delayed the confirmation process of which I don't know what happened. Just this Dawn around 4:00am I have again swapped 129 Steem for btc, it's 1hr now but haven't received in my btc wallet, meanwhile you have received your 129 Steem. Please you can check in your wallet and help me. Pls do you have any communication channel that we can use to contact you in case we have issues? Because I will often use your app for transportations, your charges are very cheap and economical and simple to use. Thanks for your support.

Hi - your swap was processed :) there was a problem with steem node at night which delayed the whole process - but it should be OK now. Thanks for using our service!

Thanks very much! Please I have now confirmed in my btc wallet. Thanks for your quick response and support. I was asking whether you Guys have channel in which we can communicate with you when we have problem?

Sure, check out our discord channel: https://discord.gg/A79ASh6

The link will be also added to the website.

Thanks very much, checking now!

Hi @zachsteven! You can now monitor your investment at https://tipu.online
Here is your @tipU service user data:

  • you have no delegation or deposit made to @tipU
  • voting status: recovering voting power, voting will start in 12 hours
  • profitability yesterday: 0.053 SBD + 0.372 STEEM (0.13 USD) per 1k SP delegated or invested, APR: 22.79% | average profitability last month

Transfer sent manually, sorry for the delay.

Will check it out - the BTC network is clogged right now, many transactions are awaiting confirmation.

In few hours I will have access to the wallet so I will resend the transfer if needed. Sorry for the problem, the BTC network is really busy at the moment.


Excelent curation

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